When a person leaves you, it’s not only their being leaving your presence…it’s everything. Their voice, their jokes, the late night conversations. Everything. It makes you realize what you had taken for granted, thinking that they’ll always be there. But they aren’t. Everyone leaves, wheter it be a conscious decision such as packing up their shit and leaving the house never to see you again, or unconsciously; dying in their sleep, peacefully. Sometimes you just wish that you never took their presence for granted. Because in the end, you end up with more than you bargained for, withering in your heartache and despair about them not being with you.

10/100 Pictures of William Beckett 

6/100 Pictures of Mikey Way


  • ice age
  • ice age: the meltdown
  • ice age: dawn of the dinosaurs
  • ice age: continental drift
  • ice age: the cavemen
  • ice age: roman empire
  • ice age: the birth of jesus
  • ice age: the dark ages
  • ice age: the renaissance
  • ice age: discovery of america
  • ice age: wwii
  • ice age: 9/11

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Razia’s Shadow:

Has to be the best “musical” album/soundtrack I’ve ever listened to.

Can a creative person just make this into a real musical? I’d fucking see it in a heartbeat…

2/100 Pictures of Mikey Way

4/100 Pictures of William Beckett